Eclipse 4 Application Platform (e4)

The Eclipse 4 Application Platform (e4) is the next major release stream of the Eclipse RCP SDK. Eclipse 4 introduces innovative programming techniques such as dependency injection, application model, annotations and CSS styling. It reduces the complexity and effort to develop rich client applications.

Training and Support


Eclipse 4 (e4) Training

So, you want to get started and understand the basic concepts of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform from scratch? This course provides all necessary knowledge to use e4 in your future projects and thereby boosts your productivity.

e4 for RCP Developers

If your team is already experienced with Eclipse RCP, these trainings provide a jump start with the new concepts of Eclipse 4 and help you to decide if and how to migrate existing application.

Developer Support

Do you need help with migrating to Eclipse 4? Are there features missing in the new platform? Do you need support in answering every days questions for your project? Our developer support packages help you to get the most out of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform.

Online Tutorial


Getting Started

This tutorial series introduces all basic concepts of Eclipse 4 and provides you with a good overview of the new platform.


Download all parts of the Eclipse 4 tutorial series as a PDF.