Sample Applications

To dig deeper you can take a look at our examples. We provide a whole palette of Example applications covering nearly all Tabris features. The Tabris screencasts are also made up from these demos.

Clone the Repository

The first step is to clone the official Tabris demos repository:

git clone

After the cloning was successful you can import this project into Eclipse.

Please note: We have used Eclipse to build the demos. If you don’t want to install Eclipse please jump directly to the Build section on this page.

Setting up Eclipse

After importing the project you need to set the target platform which is included in the project. The file is called Just open the file in Eclipse and press the ”set as target platform” link in the top right.

Run from within Eclipse

Open the ”Run Configurations” menu entry from the ”Run” menu in your Eclipse IDE and select ”Tabris Demos” from the OSGi Framework element. Run the configuration. You should get a console message that a connector has started on port 9090.

To ensure everything is working as expected point your browser to http://localhost:9090/ui. You should see a UI rendering inside the browser.

Choose the demo

This demo application contains several Tabris demos at once. To access a specific you have to define the URL for it. The following applications are currently available:

  • http://SERVER:9090/input
  • http://SERVER:9090/buttons
  • http://SERVER:9090/simple-tree
  • http://SERVER:9090/location
  • http://SERVER:9090/draw
  • http://SERVER:9090/launcher
  • http://SERVER:9090/camera
  • http://SERVER:9090/gallery
  • http://SERVER:9090/video
  • http://SERVER:9090/keyboard
  • http://SERVER:9090/virtual-tree (Read the note below!)
  • http://SERVER:9090/swipe
  • http://SERVER:9090/appevents
  • http://SERVER:9090/ui
  • http://SERVER:9090/dynamic-ui
  • http://SERVER:9090/device

IMPORTANT for Virtual Tree: To run the virtual tree example you need to download the Enron Email Dataset to your local machine. After this is done you need to change the constant DEFAULT_DATASET_DIR within the com.eclipsesource.tabris.demos.enron.EnronExample class to point to your maildir destination. After this please point your web browser to http://SERVER:9090/virtual-tree. It may take some minutes before the UI will be displayed because the example needs to create some .index files. Don’t worry, this happens only once.


There are some build projects located in the build directory of the cloned repository. The build compiles the demo project into a war file that can be deployed on a servlet container. The build uses Maven Tycho and can be launched if Maven 3 is available. Simply step to the build/ folder and run mvn clean verify. After the build has succeeded you will find the .war file within the build/com.eclipsesource.tabris.demos.product/target folder.

Alternatively you can use the Eclipse m2e Tooling and run the launch configuration located in build/